History of Planting A Seed Interntional

Planting A Seed International (PASI )was founded in 2007, when Harriet M.P. Wulukau returned to her homeland of Liberia, West Africa with her son Matthew Wulukau, Jr. and family.  This was two years following the election of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who made history as the first female president of the Republic of Liberia as well as Africa’s first female president in 2005. During this time, the country was transitioning from a 14 year civil war to Peace and stability.  Due to long years of conflict, Liberia suffered several problems in their economy such as a complete loss of infrastructure, terrible road conditions, a lack of qualified school teachers, poor learning facilities and, absolutely no electricity throughout most of the country.


Despite the site of poverty and anguish, Harriet continued to tour the country and visit family and relatives she hadn’t see in decades. During her time in Liberia, she made it her duty to visit her hometown  and birthplace Owen’s Grove. It is a rural town just 45 minute outside of the capital city of Monrovia, with a population of 2,500.


Owen’s Grove is a former settlement of emancipated slaves who settled in the area  in the 1800s. The language spoken there is Gbassa. Owens Grove in addition to various area of the  district were impacted by the 14 year civil war. With houses , churches , and two schools destroyed, it’s been a struggle for communities to rebuild.


Madia along with her son Matthew visited Owens Grove Elementary and Junior Highschool. The school housed more than 150 students from grades first to eighth. While visiting the school, they learned that the school lacked all of the basic resources one would need to obtain a quality education such as qualified teachers, up to date curriculum, desk, note books, library, computers, chairs, play ground, sanitize bathrooms and most of all a cafeteria for students and staff to have eat.


This was when PASI was born. Harriet returned back to Monrovia and told her son  that she wanted students within the district to be impacted by her work through this organization. She wanted to restore Hope through education! Education is the gateway to the future and without it one cannot progress.

PASI Today

Today Pasi is a leading grass roots 501 (c)3 non-profit organization and NGO committed to reducing education illiteracy in Liberia West Africa. PASI continued the founders vision through study abroad/service learning initiative, fundraisers as well as the construction of Liberia’s first eco-friendly school. It is PASI’s mission to enable Liberia’s next generation with the tools to compete on a global stage.

Education In Liberia

The Liberian education system faces a complex set of challenges linked to reconstruction and recovery from the 14 years of civil war, constrained national finances, meager infrastructure and the Ebola epidemic. These challenges include poor learning outcomes, overage enrollment, unskilled and unqualified teachers, and a large number of students currently out of school. Girls are more likely to be married by the age of 18 than to know how to read. On a systematic level, there are no national school quality standards and capacity and resourcing at county and district levels require improvement. The education sector also faces serious equity challenges including important geographic differences in access to equal education.